SAFEMARES Vision, Mission and Values



Safemares has adopted the conduct guide, because we understand that the code of ethics is a facilitator to ally profits, productivity, quality and efficiency in the rendering of our services, besides other values ​​that are intangible and that come from the employees that integrate this organization such as honesty, fairness, cooperation, understanding and efficiency.

We have a work philosophy that prioritizes consistency between what is said and what is done. We preserve our values. Our partners and collaborators in the market are known for adopting the same attitude.




It is an instrument for the realization of the company's philosophy, vision, mission and values. “It is the formal statement of the company's expectations to the conduct of its managers and other employees.




To provide criteria or guidelines for people to feel safe;

Ensure homogeneity in the way of addressing specific questions;

Increase integration between company employees;

Favor great work environment;

Create in employees greater sensitivity that allows them to seek the well-being of customers and suppliers and, as a result, their satisfaction;

Stimulate the commitment of all involved;

Protect public and professional interests that contribute to the organization;

Facilitate the development of healthy competitiveness among competitors;

Consolidate customer loyalty and loyalty;

Attract customers, suppliers, employees and partners who conduct themselves to high ethical standards;

Add value and strengthen the company's image;

Ensure the sustainability of the company.




When dealing with people, it is essential to consider the dignity of the person, facilitating and promoting their integral growth. People cannot be regarded as mere elements of production and profit making that are at the service of the company. On the contrary, the ethical enterprise becomes an instrument of economic development, at the service of women and the integral man, a rich field for the improvement of the person.

The ethical entrepreneur, who has a vision of the future, invests in the training of his collaborators and wins their commitment; throws challenges to grow and excel.

For this reason, many respectful companies undertake an organized effort to encourage ethical conduct among their employees. To do so, they implement codes of ethics, recycle the learning of their executives and employees, create training programs (nowadays virtual programs), create ethics committees, train leaders who travel the organization's establishments, encouraging the development of an ethical climate.

In this perspective, they use external consultants to assist them in the elaboration of codes of conduct and in the development of the ethical climate, sensitizing their members through courses and lectures, and actively participating in training, seeking to adapt everything to the legislation and criteria offered by renowned international institutions.





Make sure your conscience has been well formed;

They follow the voice of their conscience;

They do not compromise with their principles;

They act with freedom and responsibility;

They surround themselves with good advisors;

Develop their own competencies and set strategic plans;

They gather and mobilize people, stimulate initiatives and new ideas;

Earn the trust of your employees and invest in their training;

They respect people by valuing the dignity of every employee, customer, supplier, competitor, and everyone else in their circle of relationships.

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